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The Quiet Crisis in CLE?

I cannot believe people are still talking about the Quiet Crisis…  I think I heard a re-run of this segment the other night and simply could not stop shaking my head.  I cannot remember the exact panelist, but one was talking about how Cleveland’s culture needs to change and I literally wanted to throw the radio out the window.  Why?  It was the comment that Cleveland’s general attitude to something new is “No” vs “Yes;” that other growing regions (I assume he was referring to Bay Area, NYC, Seattle, etc.) have a different attitude of “anything is possible,” and just get going with ideas no matter how crazy they are.  This is malarky.  I take that back - it’s utter bullshit and highlights the fact that people who share this perspective most likely are spending too much time with the corporate/institutional establishment.

Ironically, similar sentiments were shared by young entrepreneurs I had dinner with at the Industry Digital Summit a few weeks back.  While the general consensus was that Cleveland is on the rebound, and there are a lot more start-ups than 10 years ago, the inferiority complex of Cleveland being lesser than other growing regions (i.e. Silicon Valley) persists.  

I cannot remember the exact comments but the context was something to the effect of Cleveland start-ups not being as good as those in Silicon Valley, and if you really want to “make it” you have to leave.  To that I said, “Yes!”  We absolutely should (and need to) encourage as many young people to leave as possible, experience the world and come back only if they want to.  Furthermore, I emphasized that, if they want Cleveland to change more quickly (have the energy of San Francisco or New york City), it needs new people (a mass influx) not from here.  New people = new attitudes = new culture.  There were few who disagreed and, like the comment from the A Decade Since the Quiet Crisis panelist, their perceptions and realities surely must stem from their daily associations.


I am glad to be mentally insulated from the Quiet Crisis as I have been spending more of my time with free thinkers (anti-establishment types), creatives, and young entrepreneurs. With the limits of time that come with raising a family, I am choosing to spend more of it with those who are concerned with throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks, authentic mutual aid, and pushing the limits of creativity in the market place.  There is no (and I mean zero) talk about Cleveland “sucking” in any way. What matters most is what we all are working on individually and figuring out how to help each other reach and stretch our goals.  It’s all about “Yes.”

Do I want Cleveland to change?  Yes!  It will have to continually do so or die a slow death.  But I am quite happy enjoying life on the Cheap and Easy and expanding my network beyond the confines of the usual civic and corporate realms…

It’s not that I do not value or enjoy my legacy friends by any means; I suppose I just feel the need to change.  And where and with whom I am spending time lately, Cleveland’s culture is indeed changing for the better…

Happy Dog… Oki.

Awesome fall run at Parkview. #cle #cheapandeasy

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Sauerkraut batch #4. Red cabbage, beets, and juniper berries. #fermentation #paleo

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