Salmon and cabbage stuffed mushroom, quinoa and roasted eggplant topped with cream sauce and sprinkles of bacon. Definitely nailed the stuffed mushrooms! #scatchcook

Minimal Muse: Paper Shredder

I never thought I would fall in love with a paper shredder, but indeed I have.  I am avid about space saving/living minimal, so just about anything that falls in this realm perks my curiosity and interest - even paper shredders.

I love this Royal crosscut paper 12-sheet shredder.  It really does the job and shreds tirelessly and in tiny fragments.  The smaller the shred, the more the little container will hold, and the less work there is having to dump it. Compared to the AmazonBasics 8-shit shredder, it will go at least twice as long without having to dump the container, which are more or less the same size…  Also, at 7.7” x 12” x 16.5” inches, the footprint of the Royal is super compact and tucks away nicely in any space.  

Here are some pics on disposing of shredded paper.  Like other shredders of the same size, a paper grocery bag fits perfectly over the container for easy disposal.  Not sure if it actually gets recycled, but I still mark the bag and toss it in the recycling bin.


If you are considering buying a new paper shredder, the Royal 112X is perfect for any home or apartment.  Minimal!

Cleveland’s one and only SuperPimp! #superpimp #cle

Honda’s New Asimo Robot Is More Human Than Ever

This thing is a little freaky and cool at the same time.  Still not convinced that robots will be doing many of toady’s white and blue color jobs?

Via Wired

Easter dinner at my parents. Sheesh, these are leftovers… And this is how I ate as a kid? #koreanfood

Koyono Fumoola enzyme washed, pigment dyed premium dress shirt with reflective elements. #koyono #fashion #luxury #dressshirt

#cle Sunset

Beautiful Cleveland Metropark Run #cle #cheapandeasy

Koyono Video Shoot. #koyono #fumoola #dressshirts

Roasted pecans with Hartzler grass fed butted and Himalayan salt. Will use these on pecan crusted salmon… #grainfree #paleo